3 Essential Telephone Accessories You Need To Have

Phone accessories may seem a thing of the past now with smartphones and tablets coming with all sorts of features and advanced audio and video calling capabilities. Not so; phone accessories continue to have an important place even today. There are many phone accessories that can fulfill your home and business needs cheaply and effectively. Here are three:


This sleek, industrial-looking product could just be the one you’re looking for. This wall-mountable device is the perfect add on to meet your business or personal home needs. It plays with audio content from any USB device directly and can be set for continuous playback. Whether it is songs, or other messages, this device consists of flash memory that allows easy customization of audio content files through its MessageStudio software.

It comes with a 128 MB USB that is preloaded with up to 3 hours of pleasant sounding messages and music. Furthermore, its audio playback is of exceptionally great quality that can play audio content for 140 hours continuously. This makes it specifically useful for situations where background music is required. So whether it is having a get-together over Christmas or having a birthday party for your children, this device is the one to buy.


The Sound ID 200 is the natural answer to a hands-free calling experience. Its cobalt-blue colored Bluetooth device offers various high quality features of background noise cancellation and superior sound quality through its NoiseNavigation system. It further allows the volume to adjust automatically depending upon the environment you are in.

It comes with a limited time warranty of 1 year.


When looking for a high quality PC speakerphone, ClearOne’s Chat 60-U is a great choice. This speakerphone is made specifically for Skype communications. Whether it is for personal home use to chat with family or friends or for use in your work office to have meetings over Skype with international businessmen and managers or even to conduct job interviews with applicants, this is the perfect specimen. It is highly portable and comes with 2 years warranty.

Conclusion: This article is not intended to exhaust the telephone accessories that are available out there; rather this write-up is to highlight the importance of the aforementioned accessories.

However it would be recommended that when buy your telephone accessories, make sure buy quality and affordable ones, there are many of them out there.

Source by Christopher Adebayo

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