5 Easy Ways To Stay Close In A Long Distance Relationship

Thankfully the internet has made it easier than ever to stay connected with your other half. Those miles apart will seem closer if you use the following tools to communicate.

You’ll notice that some of the suggestions are rather obvious, however, I want you to re-think how you use them. Without further adieu here are some ways to get closer to your partner:

Text message – Probably one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get in touch with your other half. Texting is common and there are a lot of programs you can use. If you’re using a smart phone you can try using What’s App. This app allows you to text for free to any type of smart phone that has the same app installed. It comes with a download fee but you’ll save that money many times over when using regular text messaging. It needs a smart phone internet data but barely uses up your allowance.

Email – Another easy way to bridge the distance. Instead of regular email messages try sending a joke or include some pictures to liven things up. Email is better than web chatting or texting because you can add a lot of things to make messages come alive. Why not try sending a funny YouTube clip you found or even a website to plan your next vacation together?

Video Chat – You can use services like Skype to video chat for free. Just make sure you have a good webcam and mic (if you’re using a laptop they typically come installed). Video chat is an excellent way to catch up and actually see how your other half is doing. Other places like Google+ hangouts are great as well because you can have a video chat while watching YouTube clips together!

Phone Call – The traditional approach is a phone call. Dial them up to say hi and catch up. If you get a voicemail answer leave a nice sweet message.

Traditional Mail – Not many people use traditional mail anymore which is why I am recommending it. Nothing is more personal than a traditional letter written from your significant other. Make it handwritten, draw some pictures, include some funny magazine clippings and even place some of your fragrance on to it. I am sure their faces will light up when they receive it.

Just remember to not smother the other person. Give them some room but make them feel wanted. There is no secret formula for how much and often this should happen but you two should talk about it.

Hopefully the above recommendations helped give you some ideas on how to keep a long distance relationship.

Source by Simone Jones

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