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Founded in 2009 by Antonio Lightbourne, LibreTech is an IT Services Provider who provides technology solutions to solve issues businesses are facing in the 21st century. For over a decade, we have grown to become a leading provider of full range of technical solutions and services in The Bahamas.

Our technology independence, extensive partner network and global talents are what helps our clients to harness the power of innovations and development in adapting to the digital world. Some of our services include;

  • IT Managed Services: We provide advisory services to organizations on how to use Information Technology (IT) in achieving their business objectives and goals.
  • IT Security Services: We take advantage of our advanced technologies such as user behavioral analytics, machine learning in-memory processing for data collection, to fight cyber-attacks. We also deploy strategic cyber-security measure so that we can identify real threats within minutes and act on them immediately.
  • ERP Services: LibreTech also provides process management software that allows you to manage your business and automate back office functions.

At LibreTech, our overall goal is to make enterprises and organization more efficient by decreasing expenses, increasing profits and efficiency to give more time to steer the company in the right direction.

We will ensure that your business grows in digital innovation with a high level of cyber-security deployment, integration test, surveillance and monitoring your business operations for a solid state.

All our services are offered at affordable prices with advanced infrastructures, hassle-free project management, and total respect for the intellectual property rights and privacy of all our clients.

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