AVG Antivirus 2011

Talking about AVG, brings me back to several years ago. Back to good old days people used to consider Symantec Anti-Virus as a symbol of Anti-Virus software. Remember Peter Norton? Original Author of Norton Anti-Virus under DOS! Even after he dropped out of picture until today Symantec Anti-Virus is considered as one of the oldest and trustworthy.

Let’s talk a little about background of AVGs wide appearance. That would be the time, when Symantec was having lot of technical problems with Anti-Virus. Not just Symantec, same with Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Free version of AVG surpassed both Symantec and Kaspersky in many aspects. Unlike those two, AVG actually had a FREE version to begin with.

Besides, back then Kaspersky with Endless fuss around “detect/remove potentially dangerous files”which in fact used to delete half of your hard drive content and Symantec Anti-Virus with installation and uninstallation issues. People used to clear hard drives because they couldn’t uninstall it!Aside that both Kaspersky and Norton needed huge amount of system resources. All of this was the background of AVGs Wide appearance which practically guaranteed AVGs success. AVG never had any kind of issues with installation/uninstallation. AVG Had a way better Virus definition data base. It used to work smoothly; even the free version was providing better protection then those two. Not without a reason, AVG won Reliability and Service Award from famous Australian PC Authority Magazine in 2007. As well as another really important achievement at PCWorld.com AVG version 7.5 received 77 out of 100.

Latest AVG 2011 antivirus is if not the BEST, then without a doubt one of the best Anti-Virus software today. Most troublesome matter for AVG always was proactive security. Not once AVG has failed in many tests and scored as last when it came to Proactive security with 1 month old signature files. And at long last they have finally fixed it. Aside that, all of the new features aren’t just for show, Network protection and link scanner work perfectly and one last thing, it definitely worth paying for full version!

Source by Giorgi Demetrashvili

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