Basic Information on Sony VAIO VPCJ1190X Review

Sony VAIO is a well-recognized brand, and its contribution is revolutionary to meet the next generations computing requirements. The effort starts in the notebooks from the lid to the battery, everything comes in between is the nothing but just the excellence. This is why the Sony VAIO has inspiring fame in the market. Now Sony VAIO is stepping in to the desktop PC which is a huge step in computing. This Sony VAIO VPCJ1190X comes with the 21.5″ Full HD Touch screen VAIO Premium which is indeed another world-shattering achievement.

This desktop PC comes with the turbo boost technology, now when we talk about the turbo boost it automatically increases the system speed when PC needs some performance. Talking about desktop computers, it should always light the candles for customizations. Sony as well, came up with huge range of the option to customize your PC accordingly. It comes with the Intel core i3 processor; i5 core second generation and i7 quad core processor that includes the turbo boost technology with starting speed from 2.53GHZ and goes up to 3.46GHZ with turbo boost. The main memory is from 2GB to 8GB and storage is amazingly starts from 500GB SATA hard drive with 7200 rpm to 1 TB SATA hard Drive with 7200rpm. It comes with Intel HD media accelerator. You can have a NVIDIA GeForce 310m card with 512 MB memory.

Having VAIO Premium 21.5 inches with full high definition touch screen is with all these spec makers. It is ideal for the people who work on cutting edge application. Moreover this desktop computer is also suitable for the gaming but it is more ideal for a person who works on video editing, streaming and photo editing. This machine is equipped with all the processors that are well known for the multitasking on high productivity applications, such as application related to the studios, video editing applications.

The starting price with the base configurations is $899.99 which allows you 2.53GHZ i3 Intel core processor with 2GB memory, with storage of 500GB and Intel HD media accelerator card. Now paying $899.99 for VAIO Premium 21.5″ screen with all these spec still not a very good deal. Sony is allowing you up gradation for low cost but still it is expensive. Sony VAIO VPCJ1190X is disappointing for the Sony VAIO fans. It is Sony, but you can get much better specs with the same price and if you spend few more and you will be getting much efficient machine than this.

Source by Nadav Snir

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