Benefits and Advantages of Using Barcode/RFID Software Solutions


When you make choices between barcode and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) software solutions, it is not so difficult to distinguish between what you would need and find answers to whether you should choose either the former or the latter. However, the choice is not made between the two. It has to be made on where to use each of the technology. Each of the technology differs by its application, usage and areas where they can be used.

Their adaptability to environmental factors should also be considered. The incompatibility with some environmental factors should not deter you from using these technologies. This is where you will make informed decisions on where to use and where to avoid using a technology and to best reap the benefits of the technology where it can work best.

The benefits of using RFID software solutions are that RFID software solutions are: they enable you to track more than one item and can read at a wide range unlike barcode software solutions. The latter is limited in its range and objects or products have to be subjected to the reader or scanner in order for the products to be scanned.

Despite the advantages and disadvantages of both, they can be used alternatively to exploit the advantages of both and to fill the disadvantages of both using the other. An RFID has electromagnets and silicon chips that transmit signals within a range of 90 feet. This technology evolved into usage from tracking dogs onto a wide variety of applications in various fields such as automobiles, libraries, passports, restaurants, etc.

Nowadays, developments in the software industry help in the collection and transfer of data. The movement of assets of a business enterprise can be monitored using these systems. On the other hand, Barcode software solutions can help you reduce the waiting time of your customers, if used along with POS in retail outlets.

These systems either generate barcodes or download them. Customized barcode software solutions can be costly but they can be flexibly used to generate codes and print. Both barcode and RFID software solutions as sophisticated technologies extend their area of application to a variety of fields. They can be used to track your inventory or products within the range of their frequencies.

A line-of-sight will protect your products when used with a POS in barcodes while RFID is omnipresent to track the movement of your products where you do not have immediate personal access.


Source by Ahmed Hussain

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