Benefits of Face Recognition and Digital Signage Software

Digital signage is an effective form of communication that uses digital display screens like LED, LCD, touch screens and projectors in public venues. It allows you to convey your marketing message and promote your business effectually. Now face recognition software is used along with digital signage systems that help you to customize your message to your target audience.

Face recognition softwareis intelligent software that detects the presence of human beings automatically, counts them and distinguishes between males and females, young and aged, through facial pattern recognition. It is the most powerful tool for digital signage systems that lets you send targeted and customized messages, according to the approaching viewer. For instance, if you are selling face creams for both men and women, you can send customized message to men and women easily. Digital signage makes it easy to add, remove or edit content and stream real time broadcasting for instant content delivery. It can maximize the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. You can add interactivity to your installed digital signage system effortlessly with the help of face recognition software.

Digital signage system using face recognition software helps to cut marketing costs significantly, as it eliminates the need for getting printing services. Printed materials are static and often ignored. You can change the digital content without spending extra money. It proves to be more successful in targeting consumers who already have interest in your product or service. For the others it acts to attract attention and focus on the ad. It lends you a hand to assess the success of an advertising campaign at various locations.

You can enjoy numerous other benefits by using digital signage system and face recognition software. You can use it for retail advertising, consumer information and much more. You can generate more revenue by selling advertising space on your digital signage solution. You can promote new products and services by working together with manufacturers, advertisers and sponsors of some events. You can capture the attention of consumers and increase brand awareness with this excellent tool. It is dynamic and has a far higher impact than any other medium.

The most important benefit of adding face recognition software to digital signage system is that it is possible to get the information of the number of impacts per day or time of day. Statistics can be gathered which will help in fine tuning marketing strategy. Hence, you can target consumers via advertisements at certain times of the day. It has the ability to differentiate male and female and young and old with more than 80% accuracy. You need not install additional hardware apart from camera to add this software to your digital signage system.

Face recognition software offers the ability to data mine the respective statistics, which allows you to focus better on marketing and advertising campaigns and make informed decisions easily. You can track the results effortlessly. You can record date on who is looking at the advertisements and for how long and the degree of interest he/she is showing. It detects the facial geometry of people using artificial vision and registers total number of viewers, gender classification and age classification and thereby helps you make the best investment decision based on those facts. It allows you to stand out from the competition.

Source by Tim Warrington

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