Book Review: The One Minute Apology by Ken Blanchard and Margret McBride


I love this book. It is a must read for anyone who wants to live a better life and have peace of mind and personal integrity in all areas of their lives. I had an epiphany reading this book. It helped me in my personal as well as business life. I go back to it on a regular basis.

I know apology is in the title, but it is not just about saying you are sorry. When my oldest son was growing up, he had a habit of coming home later than expected. He would apologize profusely, but he still kept coming in later than I expected him to! Finally, I said to him, I am not looking for “I am sorry”. I need you to change your behavior and take responsibility for your actions. It took him awhile to get it.

The bottom line is that is it about doing the right thing and living with integrity. It is about going the extra mile to make things right with another person. The author references a story from Carl Sandberg about Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln showed true humility and went to great lengths to make things right with one of his officers during the civil war. He knew he had not done right by this man. No one would have faulted him if Lincoln had done nothing. It was during war after all. He did not even have to go himself; He could have sent someone else, but he did not. He went himself and made it a personal mission to make amends.

“A One Minute Apology is incomplete without a sincere attempt to make things right” (p. 47 The One Minute Apology)

And a lot of the good stuff is in the details. One of the characters is “Nana”. On page 80 through page 82, there is a rainstorm and they are going to pickup Nana so she wouldn’t have to drive in the rainstorm. “As the car pulled into Nana’s driveway, the rain was coming down hard. The young man leapt out of the car, and ran toward Nana… He opened his umbrella and carefully escorted Nana to the car”. I know a lot of this may sound corny to people and not everyone wants to live their life like this. But, I believe in the inherent goodness in the majority of people and I know they want to do the right thing. This simple little book gives more detail about how they might go about it.


Source by Margaret L Crosby

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