Free International Calls on Three

“3” is the name of one of the smallest mobile phone companies in the UK. However, 3 has a more significant market influence in areas like Australia, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy and Sweden. Actually 3 is a brand name of the Hutchison Whampoa company, which is a corporation with a diverse array of holdings in all kinds of business areas – property and hotels, retail, energy and infrastructure, phone manufacturing, and telecommunications. The name of the brand 3 actually comes from the 3G (third generation) mobile telecommunications. And the basic concept of the 3G service is to include a wide area wireless voice telephone, video calls, and all sorts of data transfer over wireless internet connection, specifically designed for mobile devices.

Having all that in mind, it is only natural for the company to be able to offer truly free international calls on 3, as well as cheap calls to Bangladesh or any other destination. The main feature of the 3 mobile network is the cooperation between 3 and Skype phone. The result of the two companies working together is quite beneficial for the customer, as it incorporates the possibility for free international calls via the internet on your mobile device. Since last year (2009), 3 began a campaign, offering a Skype-enabled SIM under the brand of 3 for the price of only 1.99 in the UK.

For cheap calls to Bangladesh you can freely use the above mentioned services on 3 or Skype phone, but it requires that you and the person you are calling must share the same brand and company preferences i.e. – he/she has to have a mobile phone that supports 3G communication, or, if you are calling from a Skype phone, he/she must also be a Skype phone user, or must communicate with you on a computer with Skype software installed, plus a headset with a microphone. This is not as demanding as it sounds, as most of these conditions are more or less standard for PC users throughout the world.

If you are on the move and still want to make cheap calls to Bangladesh, an alternative solution would be to turn to other services such as the pre-paid, sms attained credit from Just-dial. This cheap calls credit allows you to make calls from any location in the world to any other location by simply sending an sms from your mobile and getting back a credit for certain amount of calls at very reasonable ways. For example, the call rates to Bangladesh using Just-dial are as low as 4p/min (if you’re calling from UK), regardless of whether you are dialing a landline or a mobile.

Source by Adrian Fisher

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