Fundamentals of Tally ERP 9


Tally ERP 9 is the world’s fastest and most powerful concurrent Multi lingual business accounting and inventory management software. Designed quite exclusively in order to fulfil the requirements of small and medium businesses, it’s a fully integrated, affordable and highly reliable software. This specific software is easy to buy, quick to install and simple to learn and use. It’s designed to automate and integrate all your business operations, such as finance, sales, purchasing, inventory and manufacturing. With this version, precise, up-to-date business information is literally at your fingertips anywhere. The commanding new features and blazing speed and power of Tally ERP 9 combined with enhanced MIS, multilingual, Data synchronisation and remote capabilities help you simplify all your business processes easily and cost effectively.

Salient Features of Tally ERP 9

Leading Accounting Package: Tally released its first version in 1988 and through constant development, is now identified as one of the leading accounting packages across the world, with several million customers. Today, Tally’s market share is more than 90%.

No Accounting Codes: Unlike other computerised accounting packages which need numeric codes, Tally ERP 9 started the ‘no accounting codes’ concept. The users of this software have the freedom to assign meaningful names in plain English to their data items in the system.

Total Business Solution: This software offers a comprehensive solution to the accounting and inventory needs of a business. The package incorporates financial accounting, book keeping and inventory requirements of a business.

Speed: This Tally software offers the capability to generate instant and precise reports, which helps the management to take timely and appropriate decisions for the overall productivity and growth of the company.

Flexibility: The software offers flexibility to generate immediate reports for any given period or at any point of time besides offering the facility to toggle between accounting and inventory reports of the same organisation or between organizations.

Remote Access: This software offers remote capabilities to access the data from anywhere and anytime.

Advantages related to Technology

Simple & Quick Installation: This specific software has a simple, menu driven installation procedure. The user can install the program files on any drive if the hard disk possesses partitions. The user can also specify the name and directory location of the program files. Tally ERP 9 software makes use of minimum hard disk space in the local drive. Its installation on the local disk takes just a few seconds.

Data reliability: The software provides reliable data. It uses a flexi field, flexi length, self-indexed, weighted file structure for an extremely compact and quick database. The software is quite robust and even if there’s a power failure or the computer is incorrectly shut down, data isn’t lost. This software uses signalling quality data integrity checks, at regular levels to ensure the total reliability of data.

Tally Audit: Tally Audit feature offers the user with administrator rights and the ability to check the entries made by the authorised users and modify these entries, if essential. Once the entries are audited, Tally ERP 9 displays the modified entries, if any.


Source by Riyaz Tamboli

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