Going Green With an Enterprise-Class Fax Server – Affordably


Despite the popularity of electronic forms of communication such as email and text messages, the use of fax machines still abounds. The majority of companies that receive faxes still do so the old fashioned way – with a physical fax machine that prints each page, which then must be sorted and distributed manually. For those companies stuck with accepting faxes, a fax server can automate the printing and manual labor

For the uninitiated, a fax server is a device that receives inbound faxes, and routes the fax images to a designated email address as an attachment. This eliminates the need for a physical fax machine for most uses, and allows a recipient to get a fax wherever they happen to be. Carried a step further, a fax server can be setup to route faxes to different email addresses based on the number dialed. Thus, a 10 person company could assign an individual phone number to each employee, and have each individual’s faxes routed directly to their email boxes.

Until recently, the down side of this technology is the expense of purchasing the hardware and/or software. The typical range of prices for a complete system is $900 to $1,800 per simultaneous call. While this cost is often recovered through personnel savings and increased efficiencies, many have elected to stick with old fashioned fax machines because of the required cash outlay.

With the advent of software-based phone systems however, a fax server can be implemented very inexpensively. With a software-based phone system such as 3CX for example, such capability is incorporated within the base product. When installed on an existing PC, a 4-line system can be implemented for less than $500.

Using Voice over IP ( VoIP ) service, you can also inexpensively obtain a quantity of phone numbers, which can be assigned to individuals within your organization. Some VoIP providers even offer a flat-rate service that allows for unlimited simultaneous inbound calls.

The payback from a fax server is significant:

  • No more wasted paper – great for the environment!
  • Faxes no longer have to be distributed manually – great for your feet!
  • Faxes reach the intended user wherever they are, and whenever they arrive
  • No more lost pages because someone grabbed yours by mistake
  • Great for Human Resources departments and medical practices where confidentially is critical

In summary, a fax server system is affordable, good for the environment and a tremendous boost to your productivity.


Source by Robert Covington

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