Home Antivirus 2010 Removal – Learn How to Remove Home Antivirus 2010 From Your Computer


Home Antivirus 2010 is a fake security program which is spreading through Internet very fast. If you are getting pop-ups and security alert messages which says your computer is infected with Trojan and Spyware, then your computer could be infected with the deadly Home Antivirus 2010.

Home Antivirus 2010 Infection

You may be interested to know how your PC got infected. There are many ways this fake program gets into your computer. This issue mainly happens when you download files from torrent download or using peer to peer network. Most of the files downloaded using these methods are infected with fake alert trojan. Also many Internet users are getting spam mails which contains attachment infected with Trojan which downloads this fake security software.

How To Check Whether Your Computer Is Infected

If your computer is infected with this rogue spyware, you may get many fake security warnings and alert messages which says your computer is infected with Virus and Trojan. It will also tell you to download Home Antivirus 2010 to remove the Virus and Spyware infection from your computer. Please don’t be scared with this warnings and try to avoid clicking any links on the pop-up messages.

How To Remove Home Antivirus 2010

In order to remove this spyware from your computer, you need to remove all the trojan infected files. You also need to remove all the registry entries made by the spyware. It is not an easy task and the user need to have good computer knowledge to clean registry. If you make any mistake when removing registry entries, it could put your computer in great danger. Always seek for expert help when editing registry entries.

Home Antivirus 2010 Removal Tool

You can remove Home Anti-virus 2010 from your computer using free spyware removal tool. You need to run a full scan of your computer using the removal tool to find and remove all the trojan and spyware.


Source by Richard Yohannan

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