How To Remove HDD OK Virus From Your PC – Working HDDOK Virus Removal Tutorial

HDD OK is a product from hackers that is a lookalike of most legitimate defragmenter applications. However, you should be wary of programs like this because they are actually instigators of virus infections. Even though they claim to help your computer, this is not the case and this program cannot be trusted! Not only that, they are the eyes and ears of the hackers in the computers when they steal vital information or when they put the scheme into action. If the so-called program advertises an upgrade, do not entertain it and most especially, do not buy it. Though it might look real, take note that it is only a defragmenter on the surface and its presence in the computer is causing all kinds of damages beneath the surface.

How Does A Computer Get Infected?

The HDD OK virus starts out as a file that can be contained in any unsafe and unsecure internet connection, emails, downloads, etc. Since it is a file that brings about the infection rather than the usual computer virus, it is now referred to as “malicious software” (malware, for short). It will store the file in hidden folders; undetected, it will run the fake defragmenter application that will run scans and give out results. All these are just distractions because the malware is also working on blocking the Windows programs one by one. It aims to get ahead of the user who might try to delete it. Most viruses can be deleted with the Task Manager but this virus was specially designed so that the Task Manager will not work against this kind of malware. Therefore, you’ll need to apply other means to remove the infection.

How To Remove HDD OK From Your PC

the way to remove HDD OK is to basically stop the program from running on your PC and then remove all the parts of the virus that will be on your system. If you’re experienced with computers, you should know that you will be able to restart into Safe Mode to stop the program from loading, and then delete all the files it uses to run (listed below), in order to ensure the continued smooth operation of your system. An important note to make about HDD OK is that this will place a large number of backup files onto your system which will reload itself onto your PC if not removed correctly. You can see how to remove the virus here:

  • %Temp%dfrg %Temp%dfrgr
  • %UserProfile%DesktopHDD Ok.lnk
  • %UserProfile%Start MenuProgramsHDD Ok
  • %UserProfile%Start MenuProgramsHDD OkHDD Ok.lnk
  • %UserProfile%Start MenuProgramsHDD OkUninstall HDD Ok.lnk

Users who do not know how to use the rkill or Safe mode program, should use an automated tool instead. Using the Frontline Rogue Remover program is a more convenient way that ensures efficient removal of the virus. If you don’t have a copy of it on your computer you can simply download the program from another computer that is not infected. Transfer the file to the infected one. Install and follow carefully the steps it gives out. Once the program has run, it will automatically start the removal process. There is no need for the user to do anything else but run the program. When it finishes, go to the registry database and find the virus traces. Take these out to avoid the virus from reloading.

Source by Greg Kahn

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