How to Remove MS Antivirus Completely From Your PC!

MS Antivirus which is also known as Spyware Protect 2009 is a fake spyware removing application which is similar to other fake applications like XP Antivirus, VISTA antivirus, MS Antivirus 2008 and MS Antivirus 2009. One of the biggest lie that this application says is that it is made by Microsoft. Actually Its developers are Bakasoftware and Innovative Marketing, Inc. It is a complete rogue application which has claimed to remove the virus and other infections found in the windows system but actually it attempt to scam users into purchasing a full version of this application.

You can check whether your computer is infected with MS Antivirus or not if you know the symptoms of this infection. This program uses a very genuine looking interface which is used to make user fool into thinking that it is a real antivirus application in order to convince user to purchase it. Just after installing on your computer, the MS antivirus start scanning your computer and give you a false spyware report that claims that your computer is infected with lots of spyware programs. You should not download this program or install on your computer because after installation, it will start doing all its malicious activities including showing fake pop up alerts.

Now there are two ways by which you can remove MS Antivirus completely from your system.

  1. Manual Removal Method
  2. Automatic Removal Method

In the Manual removal method, you have to perform several steps. These are:

  • Reboot PC and login in Safe Mode
  • Search and Delete these files:
    • msa.exe
    • msantivirus.exe
    • MSAntivirus.lnk
    • UninstallMSAntivirus.lnk
    • c:\Program Files\MSA
    • c:\Program Files\MSA\MSA.cpl
    • c:\Program Files\MSA\MSA.exe
    • c:\Program Files\MSA\msa0.dat
    • c:\Program Files\MSA\msa1.dat
    • c:\WINDOWS\system32\MSA.cpl
    • c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\MSAntivirus.lnk
  • Remove these MS Antivirus Registry Entries that it has stored in the windows Registry:
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AntiVirus
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Antivirus”
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Antivirus”
  • Now Restart your computer

These steps will surely work but if you have done a single mistake while performing these steps and accidentally deleted other files then chances are that your system can crash and everything present on your computer will be lost. Therefore it is recommended to expert computer users.

In the Automatic MS Antivirus Removal, you need to take the help of anti-Malware application. Anti-Malware programs are created to find and remove various kinds of Malware, scareware, spyware and other threats that are emerging these days. A program named PC Health Advisor is right to perform these complex steps within minutes. To use it you need to install it on your computer and scan complete system. It will find and remove all the MS Antivirus files and settings from your computer and ultimately your computer will be safe and sound once again.

Source by Jolie Joe

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