How To Remove Spyware Quickly And Effectively

Spyware causes major obstacles to you, your computer and your free time. Learning how to remove spyware quickly and efficiently is a great way to start enjoying the things you want to do a lot more!

The first thing you must realise is that even if you want quick results, you have to do an entire system scan. There’s simply just too many places that spyware can hide and if you do only a little check, the devastating consequences of spyware can still have a big impact on you. Remember, that with the wrong program you can become a victim of identity theft and credit card fraud!

All this being said, most people scan their systems in a way that wastes hours if not days. Here’s how to cut down on some major time!

Time-Saver #1: Exit All Programs!

Not only is this a huge time-saver, but practical spyware-scanning advice. One way is to simply shut down all unnecessary processes in Task Manager that waste up precious CPU. You’ll be surprised how many junk programs and processes you have running that aren’t even related to anything you’re using! Install a piece of software one time and even if you asked it not to run at start-up, it still probably found a way to hog up time during system start-up! The biggest shortcut to achieve all of this is to boot in safe mode, which basically consists of pressing F8 at computer start before Windows starts to load. Doesn’t work? Force shut down and try again!

Time-Saver #2: Empty The Trash! Move Out The Junk!

If you’re really under a deadline and need this spyware removed, you have to stop wasting time by bringing down the scanning time! What does that mean? Enlist all of your big media files and stuff you only use occasionally but takes up a lot of space into the CD/USB draft! Move all your MP3’s off-computer. Get rid of those programs you have that have thousands of files you never use! Move Photoshop-type programs you never use onto a portable hard drive!

By drastically eliminating the amount of files to scan you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time. It’s kinda like searching for a lost key, you’re not going to search in the places where you definitely know it’s not there.

Time-Saver #3: Use A Good AV!

Are you sure your anti-virus program is the best on the market? You can save yourself a lot of time if your anti-virus can’t remove even the most basic of spyware by getting a good one! Good programs to try include Avast! Free Antivirus and for those nastier threats MalwareBytes Anti Malware and Sophos Anti-Rootkit. Many of these programs can work in partnership with each other so never fear!

Time-Saver #4: Don’t Get Spyware!

You know, you can save a lot of time by never getting spyware in the first place! There’s certain sites such as downloads and adult websites that tend to harbor spyware. Learn what sites these are! And don’t run around the internet rolling the dice every time you visit a web page! Use software and add-ons that protect your browser from vulnerabilities and malicious scripts!

My motto is always that removing spyware is just the first step!

Source by David J Wu

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