Internet Marketing Course – How to Make Money Online Using The Power of Digg

Digg is simply a Social Media website where anyone can register for an account to submit their stories, news or product reviews. Readers who like their stories can give them a vote by offering a “digg” through clicking on the “digg” button at the top of the post.

So, how and why should you use Digg for making money online?

First, it is a cool way to express your thoughts to the world and know that someone out there will read it and may even give you a thumbs up! Furthermore, submitting a story is so easy. Simply sign up for an account and you are good to go. No website building knowledge or html programming is needed.

Most importantly, Digg is free! You don’t need to pay a single cent to register and start posting your stories or reviews. The way to generate traffic is of course to drop in your Affiliate links or your personal website address throughout the post tactfully.

Digg is a great way to gather huge exposure if you know how to craft your stories right. Check out the top stories and observe how the authors craft their posts and what are the key strategies they deploy. This is the quickest way to learn.

You may think that given the vast amount of stories out there, who is going to click or digg on your post, right? Let me tell you, the Internet is beyond logical comprehension. I was apprehensive in the beginning but I knew there is no harm trying. It really isn’t as hard to get success as you may think.

Digg is a powerful form of Viral Marketing. The key is to provide an attractive and captivating title and content to attract readers. People like to read crazy or wild stories, so you if pen a post like “My Puppy is an expert iPhone user”, you will probably get a lot of curious readers to click on that post.

Following are a few tips to promote your Digg post:

– Your writing style has to vary based on the type of post you intend to pen. A cell phone review post needs to be crafted using a more personal tone as compared to a post on an analysis report on the most bullish stock to chase after. In either case, your content must carry certain weight

– Send an email to your address book contact as well as those on your Facebook account after you created a Digg. Do not be shy to tell the people you know as they are more likely to read and give a vote on your Digg post as compared to a complete stranger

– You may even comment on a friendly forum and ask the readers politely to “digg” on your post

To generate a steady flow of traffic, I would suggest that you post at least twice a week on Digg. If you would do this regularly for at least 3 months, you should see a good spike in traffic towards your targeted website.

If you have not tried Digg, I would strongly recommend you sign up for an account now.

Get Educated. Market Smart!

Source by Matt Jonnathon

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