Is Social Networking a Boon Or Curse For a Corporation?


Social networking has created a great revolution in the internet world. Most netizens have an account in popular social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook and MySpace. They live in their own world by forming a community and friends group, and organizing events among themselves without caring that their activities and personal details are probably being accessed by others. Most of them are on social networking sites for the social aspect alone.

Due to the availability and accessibility of social networking sites, many employees have taken it as a default way to contact with friends, colleagues and business associates. When networking comes to organization, productivity is reduced as employees concentrate more in keeping in touch with friends and making new ones. So Banks, BPOs and most IT companies have banned social networks in their workplace.

But creative companies like ad agencies and internet companies do not block networking sites as their employees can make use of social media to get new ideas, learn more about all kinds of stuff and make money through social interaction. Servicing companies are also using social networks to reach their audience and interact with customers.

On the downside, social networking sites are hit by annoying worms, AdWare, and phishing attacks. It has become a hacker’s paradise. Recently, the anti-virus firm Sophos has done a study on social networking, according to which, “63% of system administrators worry that employees who share too much personal information on social networking sites will put their company’s IT infrastructure at risk. A quarter of these businesses also report that they have been the victim of spam, phishing, and malware attacks via sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace.”

Everything in the world has two sides, just as social networking has both a good, and a bad face. All depends on how well you make use of it. Organizations can increase their productivity through social media by allowing their employees to learn new ideas, discuss various issues and interact with clients.

Social networking offers the best platform to reach a targeted audience. Social networks are not the only gateway for viruses; scams and malware attacks still arrive by mail as well. We can conclude that social networking is great boon for corporate to extend their hands worldwide and reach every corner of the globe.


Source by Kabila Jayaraj

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