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As a business owner, you understand the importance of maintaining your technologies and preventing unwanted downtime. It’s the only way you can succeed. Of course, choosing the right IT Service Provider can be tough. Being on a break-fix contract doesn’t give your business the care and attention it needs to succeed in today’s world of Information Technology. Those on break/fix contracts only make money when something at your company breaks, while other Managed Services Providers say they are proactive but in reality end up only providing reactive service that costs your company time and money.

LibreTech strives to be your IT technology partner and trusted adviser . We believe in building bonding relationships with are clients and their staff, this help to create a sound and stable working relationship which helps us all achieve our goals in the long run. We offer Technology Solutions, Managed IT Services, IT Project Management, CyberSecurity and a range of other solutions that let your business harness the power of technology. Your company will reach new heights when you incorporate LibreTech within your team providing proactive technical support, services, and advice.

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