No More Boring Skype Conversations In A Long Distance Relationship

While talking is generally the only thing that we can do online with our partner, at some point we drain out all the conversational topics and as a result awkward silences start to kick in, or the conversations become more and more predictable and boring.

Now, even though this is a very common issue, it can be easily solved if taking some time to spice things up. In my view…

Boredom Is A Choice… and Only Boring People Get Bored!

So how can we make conversations more fun and interesting?

Expand the topics. You ask her what she did today, and she tells you for example that she did many things. And then you take them one by one and comment on them and ask her expanding questions about each one.

Make her curious. Curiosity makes conversations more intense, therefore you want to speak in a way that gets her eager to find out more and begs you for it. You can tell her a story and then change the subject in the middle of the story; or refuse to answer one of her questions unless she fulfills one of your requests etc.

Make conversations more interactive. Do stuff while talking on Skype, high-five her virtually when she tells you something cool, show her something interesting, play a game, ask her to do something for you right now etc.

Teach her something. I bet you know a lot of cool stuff, why not teach her something that you’re passionate about? Share with her interesting stuff that you learned that day, tell her about your expertise in a specific area etc. This will make for a fun and also useful conversation.

Another way to do that is to let her teach you something that she’s passionate about. This way you’ll not just have an amazing conversation but you’ll also create a great connection between each other.

Use questions for couples. Search the internet for “questions for couples” and you’ll find hundreds of interesting questions to ask each other and make conversations more fun. The beauty of using questions for couples is that you start with one question and you end up talking for hours about a lot of different topics.

Be humorous. Making a girl laugh is the best aphrodisiac. So be funny by telling her funny stories, jokes, make fun of yourself (careful with this), make funny comments about people/stuff etc.

Source by Besski Livius

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