Office 365: Daily Tasks Made Simpler

When it comes to Office 365, we see that its brand name used by the Microsoft that comprises of software and services subscriptions. The users and subscribers can make the efficient use of this productivity software on the daily basis. The public can use this software for making use of different applications of Microsoft Office on the operating systems like Windows and the OS X respectively.

But as far as enterprise users and businesses are concerned, they can utilize additional features like social networking services and email through the hosted versions of the SharePoint, Skype for Business Server, Office Online and Exchanger Server as well.


There are plenty of components and characteristics of the software that can be configured through the online portal. Several users can be manually added or imported from the CSV file. Various features are listed below.

A. Hosted Services: Microsoft has provided access to the different cloud-hosted versions of the office’ server platforms that are available on the software-as-a-basis plan. They include Office Web Apps suite, as well as Skype for Business, Exchange, and the SharePoint. The 15 GB of online storage is made available through the SharePoint’s OneDrive for Business as well.

B. Outlook on the Web: The ‘Outlook on the Web’ feature includes contacts manager, task management, calendar application and the email service respectively. Users can utilize other tools like Outlook People, Outlook Calendar, Outlook Tasks and Outlook Mail as and when needed with convenience.

C. Office Applications: The subscribers can gain access to the current versions of the Office desktop applications for OS X (Office for Mac 2016) and Windows Office 2016. For Windows, the apps get installed through a ‘Click-to-Run’ system that enables the users to begin using the apps instantly. In fact, the files get streamed in the background as soon as the installation gets completed.

The basic document creation and editing have now been made free for Office Mobile applications that are run on the iOS and Android devices.

D. Updates: The updates are offered once per quarter for the online components of the service. Through the introduction of Office 2013, there are major and minor updates for the software on the periodic basis.


Many plans are provided with the software that can fulfill the needs both personally and professionally. They are given as follows;

a. Enterprise: It is meant for the enterprise environments. Users can get access to applications as, as well as support and compliance features.

b. Home: This plan is aimed for the families and mainstream consumers. But the best part is that it can be used by five users and on five devices instantly.

c. Personal: It offers access to applications like Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, as well as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Publisher and the Microsoft Outlook. All of them can are in such a manner that they are meant for non-commercial or home usage in the laptop or computer.

Thus, Office 365 provides the means to manage several tasks simply and easily regularly. People from all walks of life find it as easy-to-use software and that all the work gets completed promptly and efficiently.

Source by Andy Gabriel

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