Office 365 – The Productivity Platform Delivered By Microsoft

The great thing about Office 365 is by far the fact that it offers you the possibility to create, edit and share work. It does not matter what your current work environment focuses on; you will be able to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint across multiple platforms. These platforms include PC or MAC and even portable devices that function with the help of iOS and Android.

Variety means that you are no longer bound to a particular device and operating system. Share the work you develop, HD video connections and content sharing will create the perfect meeting every time. However because so many devices and platforms have been integrated the error factor has also slightly increased. At certain times depending on the connection type, devices and workloads the tools provided will sometimes lack in precision and may even seem slow.

Office has been transformed from a proprietary tool that only Windows users could access to a broad selection of features that are available no matter the device or operating system.

It first started when Microsoft created an Office suite for the iOS operating system. This meant that MacBook users could have access to programs like Excel, Word, PowerPoint and others.

To compete with the emerging technologies and the constant switch from off-line to on-line working environments, Office has been packed with a great deal of features. Consumer wise the tool offers storage space using Microsoft’s cloud storage service named OneDrive alongside with connectivity through Skype.

Business wise you will get a regular updated version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and others. You can achieve a flexible work environment, doing this is easy as users and services may be added at any time. Regarding costs, using the platform will result in low upfront costs and a great value of the ROI.

Any company may benefit from a built-in spam and malware protection email service. Outlook offers access to emails; contacts and calendar no matter the device. The ability to keep everybody connected is fundamental when engaging in large projects. Meetings will be easier as up to 250 participants can join at a time, video with screen sharing and audio capabilities is included, as well as polls, virtual whiteboards, and shared notes.

IT infrastructure will get a boost as disaster recovery abilities and back-up policies will save time and money.

Because companies will always have a great deal of data to store as well as the constant need to access it, an uptime of 99.9% is available as well as the capacity to store up to 1 TB of documents online.

This gives managers and project users the confidence to engage and share with colleagues the work safely stored on-line. Working in the cloud environment brings savings to companies as well as reliable communications and increased productivity. Microsoft has devised different plans that meet the needs of every enterprise, off-line or on-line, Office 365 will create the perfect environment in which businesses can thrive.

Source by Andy Gabriel

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