Olympus LS-20M: Capturing the Best Of Life


Olympus LS-20M Pocket Camcorder is one exciting digital voice recorder in the market today with its top-notch combination of PCM stereo sound plus High Definition video. This powerful compact device is capable of recording live performances for personal or professional use. Since it is only about 5.4 oz, it is handy and lightweight. Professional and personal users will no doubt enjoy the special features only LS-20M can give. The reason why this pocket camcorder literally brings smile on the faces is all in this detailed article complete with highlighting features.

The video recorder in Olympus LS-20M is indeed an extra mile on the audio technology. It addressed the emerging trends of uploading videos in various social networking sites. Since Olympus is a leader when it comes to quality audio recording, the unquestionable quality of LS-20M is a great advantage. It boasts 1080 pixels and records 24-bit, 96kHz linear PCM audio. It also has only 2″ inch screen for recording and an extra LCD for information. It also records to SDHC and also do 720p and 640×480. This only means that performances such as concert, ballet, or recital are captured with great quality.

Of course, Olympus LS-20M still captures the sound to its fullest detail. Even in crowded places or packed venues, it has incredible features which include elimination of background noise, and unwanted low-frequency sound. Voice activation is also part of the package. The switchable filter also makes it a dependable and intelligent recorder. Olympus’ quality features on audio recording technology are still very much evident in LS-20M. The twin condenser microphones gives out studio-grade audio recording format any professional will certainly admire.

Since Olympus LS-20M is capable of high-quality audiovisual recording, it also offers the format settings for images captured through its digital zoom and 4mm focus lens. Special effects on video productions are added for creative minds. Users can experiment and work on movie magic through rock, pinhole, pop or sketch theme. One can also experiment with the bright and dark colors and to enhance settings and create moods. The movie magic features are some of the most exciting things to look forward to when using LS-20M.

The digital recorder features audio, time and battery level aside from its crisp color LCD. The sophisticated design and lightweight built are great advantages for professionals on the go.

Capturing the essential information and the best memories in one’s life and work has never been this easier. With Olympus LS-20M, one can bring out all the great details in audio and visual recording. Now, that’s life captured in one easy-hold recorder.


Source by Genaro Geneta

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