Sonicwalls Security: More Than Just Virus Protection


When you think of network security, chances are that you envision some sort of firewall whose sole purpose is to keep viruses and internet hackers out of your system. Sonciwalls security, however, is so much more than just a firewall. Although our firewalls are designed to maximize your network security, whether in a traditional configuration or as a wireless network setup, our Sonicwalls products can also prevent storage loss, give you a detailed analysis about your network, and even protect your email accounts while minimizing spam.

Sonicwalls and Storage

Sonicwalls solutions come in a broad array of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of any sized business or network. One thing that is so important in the business world is to make sure your important documents and files are backed up and secure. Sure, you could use that free data storage company you found on the web, but chances are that even if they offer sufficient storage space, they aren’t going to give you the security you need.

Sonicwalls storage and continuity solutions are different. You will receive a physical storage device to add to your system. This device continuously backs up your files, even as they are being changed and logs your changes so that you can recover your files as you specify. Additionally, your files are backed up at a remote location so that if your building is destroyed, your files are still in tact.

Sonicwalls and Network Analysis

Every good business owner or manager wants to stay abreast of what is going on inside their network. By choosing Sonicwalls programs with built in analysis and reporting, you can do exactly that. Find out your network’s efficiency, discover when there have been attempted breaches in security, and identify portions of your network that could potentially cause problems in order to take a proactive approach to security.

Sonciwalls and Email Security

Email may be one of the hardest things to guard against invaders since it is not directly tied to your secure network. This vulnerability could make your entire system vulnerable, even with the best firewall in place. Sonicwalls email solutions tackle that problem to keep you or your employees from inadvertently opening files that are corrupt or dangerous. You have the freedom to customize your preferences and settings so that Sonicwalls doesn’t accidentally block important messages.

This setup has the added benefit that those annoying spam messages will plague you no longer. Even with the spam guards offered by most email providers these days, somehow some spam makes it through the cracks. Sonicwalls reduces this occurrence to the absolute minimum possible, so you spend less time clearing out the junk folder and more time handling the more important aspects of your business.

Isn’t it time you invested in a total network solution that does more than just virus protection? Sonicwalls solutions are your answer. Please feel free to browse our available products and then choose the one that provides the level of protection your business needs.


Source by Magnus Ilechukwu

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