The Extraordinary Power of the HTC Desire


When you first saw the HTC Desire, you immediately appreciated the smooth and flawless design, which makes the phone aesthetically pleasing. However, does the phone come with powerful features? These days, we multitask on just about everything. This goes the same for mobile phones.

The Desire by HTC is not only a mobile phone of beauty; it is also a mobile phone of extraordinary power. This is needed since we expect to run a multitude of mobile applications simultaneously. The phone can very well satisfy our multitasking needs. Now, the big question is, “How does the Desire do this?”

Once you remove the finely designed exterior of the touch screen mobile phone, you will see distinct features that are behind the phone’s power. The phone is equipped with a 1 GHz mobile processor, which is clearly more powerful, compared to the competition. Furthermore, to add to this power, the phone comes 576 MB of RAM and 512 MB of ROM. You are sure to run a multitude of requirement demanding mobile apps simultaneously. Multitasking is clearly a breeze on the Desire.

When multitasking comes to mind, you will need to see things clearly, and you must have the space to tap and drag. The HTC Desire offers you nothing but crystal clear display visibility and a lot of space to tap and drag. The phone comes with a 3.7 inch capacitive AMOLED touch screen that can display as much as 16 million colors. It has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, and has an accelerometer for UI auto rotation. Prepare to enjoy videos, images, the web, and mobile applications on this superlative display.

Of course, what good is a powerful phone without fast internet capabilities? The HTC Desire will not disappoint when it comes to this feature. You will enjoy download speeds of 7.2 mbps and upload speeds of 2.0 mbps. With this much speed in your hands, you are sure to enjoy downloading, uploading, streaming, emails, and web browsing. In addition, you get to enjoy more from your favorite social networks.

With all of this multitasking, you will need a lot of storage for mobile apps, multimedia, and other files. The Desire is well equipped with abundant storage capacity. The phone supports as much as 32 GB of microSD. Feel free to store as much as you please.

When it comes to power, the phone has it all. With the HTC Desire, you get to enjoy the phone’s extraordinary power.


Source by Sethe Gomez

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