The Free iPad Offer That Won’t Disappoint

There has been much discussion recently about the so called free iPad offers on Facebook that claim to give away iPads to people who sign up as an official beta tester.

In truth, these offers are scams, designed simply to trick people into signing up for premium rate mobile phone services that end up costing you hundreds before you even realise what has happened.

As noted by the security firm Sophos, ‘Facebook pages with names such as “iPad Researchers Wanted – Get An iPad Early And Keep It!” and “The Mega iPad Giveaway!” prey on the public’s desire to own an iPad’.

The Real Free iPad Method

Just because these recent scams have tricked a large number of people, that doesn’t mean all of the websites offering free iPads are scams – and if you believe they are, then you are missing out on what many are discovering to be a very lucrative hobby.

The real offer is actually very simple. If you have ever received cash back from a company for referring a friend, you have already taken part in such a scheme, just on a smaller scale.

In this case, all you need to do is keep on referring friends (why stop at just 1?), to a choice a companies. These companies pay a commission for every person you send their way, whether they become a customer or not!

Using your online social network of friends, colleagues and family you can very quickly refer a large number of others to try out a new service, and you will quickly earn enough commission for a free iPad.

There are many websites that offer this service for you. Just be sure to follow the steps below to make sure you join a real giveaway site and avoid getting scammed.

How to tell the real from the fake

This is really quite simple;

1. Don’t jump straight in without reading the small print, or how it works information

2. No one will let you keep an iPad just for testing it. Apple have their own teams of testers who know what they are looking for – and get paid quite well for it!

3. If you are asked for your mobile phone number, it is probably a bit fishy

4. Check the name of the company, look it up on the internet. There are many well established companies that will provide proof they actually pay up and send you the free item

5. Stick with sites that make their commissions through affiliate marketing – this is the only way you will get anything for free – because it has already been paid for with commission.

Source by Jack Mast

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