The Onion Approach to Antivirus

Many small business owners are concerned about business continuity and ensuring that their staff remains productive during work hours. One of the biggest risks to productivity in the work place is the threat of viruses, worms and other malicious activities that circulate around the Internet and threaten our corporate and home networks daily. Most viruses are spread via email and most are not written to cause damage to a personal computer, but specifically to disrupt network services, or simply flood your email services with thousands of these emails that spread the virus around to your business partners, staff and other contacts.

The “Onion Approach,” or layering of your security, which protects your network and PC from the infiltration of worms and other viruses, is the best way to ensure that your technology systems remain functional and your staff productive.

The inside layer is to protect your network and workstations. This can be done by using an antivirus solution that offers complete corporate protection. I recommend the corporate editions by Symantec, Trend Micro or McAfee. Any of these companies can ensure your network and workstations are protected. This however is the last defense to ensure your network is protected.

The next layer is to prevent viruses from even entering your network. This can be done with a firewall solution that offers a complete Unified Threat Management system. Firewall solutions that offer UTM provide the small business network with a gateway antivirus solution, which stops viruses at the Internet router. These firewalls mean an investment in superior technology. One example of a firewall solution that offers complete protection is SonicWALL and their solutions are priced to bring value to the small business owner. If you can prevent one virus from entering your network and therefore keep your systems protected and your staff productive then that is an investment worth far more than its price tag of a few hundred dollars.

The next and equally important layer is to subscribe to a SPAM filtering service, a great example of this type of service is SingleFin out of Southern California. This service filters or cleans all of your email before it is sent to your email server. SPAM and Virus based emails are held at the filtering server until you decide what you wish to do with them. SingleFin’s service is 100% web based so therefore you do not have to purchase any additional equipment to provide this service to you, and it offers your first 10 seats at no charge. The added bonus to a service like this is that your internet connection and bandwidth are freed up to perform your business functions instead of receiving virus type emails.

Having a great computer consulting company is critical in assisting you with this type of service. They will have all the certifications to ensure that it is done correctly with minimal disruption to your business. A qualified systems engineer will also ensure that your antivirus systems are updating properly and scanning files effectively. Not having a great update policy that is followed carefully by an IT professional is almost as bad as having no protection at all.

I always hear from small business owners: “What is the cost for this protection?” or “It must be pricey?” To totally protect your network and keep you staff productive will cost your company about $200.00 per month. Isn’t your business network and staff productivity worth $200.00 per month? Imagine the cost of your company’s computer system being down for one complete working day with no email? Staff not being able to use their systems to get out quotes, sales, drawings or business correspondence? What is the true cost to downtime? The reality is that downtime will cost far more than the wiser investment in preventing that downtime with the right technology. Get that technology now and take the worry about your computer’s vulnerability out of your day.

Source by Stuart Crawford

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