Uninstalling Software – Computer Possession by Demons


My computer was an absolute mess. So, I started the process of maintenance and clean up on the computer and wouldn’t you know it, Norton had taken demonic possession of my computer and would not uninstall.

So, I go to support and start looking for what to do and amazingly they sent me to a software removal tool to purchase from someone else. The Perfect Uninstaller. Wow, can you believe that and I bet they make money for that sale. I hope they make enough money to fix the problem with their software so they can stop this practice. But really, America is free Enterprise and I do not want to start that discussion. I tried everything trick and free thing I could find to remove software with no luck at all.

Anyway after 2 days and actually purchasing The Perfect Uninstaller, the computer was ready to go. By the way, the uninstaller is a cool program and I needed a clean software uninstall with other software applications as well.

The features to this software uninstaller allow you to see exactly all the directories that information is being cleaned out of. When removing software you are able to see the detail of the actions to remove software completely. It leads me to believe that windows add and remove programs does not do as clean of an uninstall as The Perfect Uninstaller does. This is a great tool for the expert and novice as well. It is fast and very easy to use. This software removal product lives up to the claims and awards it has received.

I also found an Easy Registry program from the same company that is very much like the uninstaller program.


Source by Jay M

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