Upgrade From SharePoint 2010 to 2013 for an Enhanced User Experience

SharePoint is a popular platform for improving efficiency and productivity through effective collaboration. Ever since Microsoft launched it, it has seen its fair share of demand. In fact, it has seen a remarkable transition with the introduction of rich and intuitive features with every release. SharePoint has multifaceted benefits and facilitates multiple avenues to deal with productivity issues quite squarely. It is thus no wonder that SharePoint is being widely adopted by many organizations across industries.

The SharePoint 2010 version created quite a frenzy among organizations with its radical features and amazing integration capabilities. However, with the launch of SharePoint 2013, SharePoint’s market share and positioning have been catapulted to an entirely different level. Nonetheless, SharePoint 2010 is still rampantly used across organizations and many of these organizations are seeking for an upgrade to the even more powerful and hugely successful 2013 version.

When you upgrade SharePoint 2010 to 2013, you get to experience an all-new version of SharePoint with completely enhanced features and updates to support the latest technology and advancements. Here are a few of the benefits you get to experience:

• Sharing is made easier and faster

• Connecting with team mates is easier

• It can be accessed via mobiles, tablets, and other such devices as well

• User experience is simplified

• Storing and syncing of all kinds of documents is made easy

• Projects and tasks can be tracked

• Moving to Office 365 is easier

• New search engine experience and engine make search easier

• Managing web content made more feasible and simpler

• The mobile and social features are optimized for effective social computing

All these and a whole lot of other benefits have urged all users to upgrade SharePoint 2010 to 2013. The Upgradation process needs to be smooth and the migration and transition from one version of the software to another needs to be seamless and you could get just that if you get a good partner to help you take this huge leap. You can easily sit back and relax while your technology partner goes about the migration process. Having the right partner during this process also means this – your employees will get minimal disruption in their jobs and you can even enlist the help of the company helping you with the Upgradation to give training sessions in the 2013 version to the in house folks!

Use the new SharePoint 2013 for more effective business solutions and never before user experience. Most businesses have already done it. So, when are you migrating?

Source by James Pratik

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