Using Skype As a Marketing Tool

Many network marketers are turning to social media sites to connect with people across the globe. They have quickly began utilizing this method of making connections with people and sharing information. Now, the question has came to mind- what if you could take those connections and make them even more effective with direct contact through using Skype as a marketing tool.

With Social Networks, you can send messages and leave comments- which are very direct to that member. However with Skype you can send instant messages in real time back and forth as well as make Skype to Skype voice calls- which is very similar to the connection you would be making by an actual phone call. If you are using Skype as a marketing tool then you are making a much more personal connection with those who you are connecting with.

So how can you use Skype as a marketing tool? One of the most important suggestions I can give you is to make it easy for people to contact you on your Skype. This includes being available and having your Skype ID available and easy to find for those who wish to contact you. You can also suggest to people who are connecting with you on a social network to also add you as a contact on Skype.

Another suggestion is that if you are using Skype as a marketing tool you should look into Skype add on software that allows you to perform Skype actions in bulk. This will allow you to search Skype profiles, send add requests, and send messages to your contacts in bulk. This can be very helpful for a number of reasons.

If you are trying to stay active with many contacts on your Skype contacts then it can take some time to send information or a message to them individually. I use a Skype add on software. With this powerful tool I am able to select a contact group to send a message to in bulk- which saves time and keeps me active in communication with my contacts.

With the software add on I am also able to search through and target Skype user profiles by entering a search pattern that will bring up Skype users in which I would like to make a connection with. I am able to upload the profiles that I wish to add to my Skype contact list and send an add request in bulk to those Skype users. Again, saving time and insuring that I always have people to connect with on Skype. This is a very powerful additon to using Skype as a marketing tool.

I have had tremendous success with using Skype as a marketing tool – and believe that the benefits of being able to make instant connections and more personable connections are a great way to improve relationships with those you are connecting with.

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Source by Sarah Cozad

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